Multi-instrumentalist, Songwriter, Composer, Producer in love with all good honest forms of Art.  

Tajdar's debut album What Colour Is Your Raindrop  is a personal photograph of all the sights and sounds that has shaped him. From the gaps between notes of Erik Satie to the wail of Albert King, from the serenity of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan to the innocence of Iranian cinema, this debut album is his journey through all of them.

What Colour Is Your Raindrop  has been named as Top Albums of 2013 by Rolling Stone and Rock Street Journal.

His song "Dastaan" will be heard in legendary Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf's new film "The President". Watch trailer 

While Two songs from this album will now be heard in a Hollywood film "Sold" produced by Academy Award winner Emma Thomson and Jeffrey D Brown. Read more here

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Rolling Stone : If there is one way of describing "What Colour Is Your Raindrop" it has to be a rare simplicity that, for the musician, taps on the spiritual. Taj sticks to the straight and the narrow of sheer musicality — his compositions part meditative, part celebratory and maybe even anachronistic in the age of the overproduced studio albums. It has a sound that can leave lasting melodies and imagery in patient listeners.




Paul 'Salty' Brincat, Sound Engineer for StarWars, Superman Returns, MI 2, Thin Red Line :

Having had the privilege of meeting and working with Tajdar Junaid, for the feature film ''The Waiting City'' I was totally impressed by Taj's enthusiasm for music and the love for his guitar that he played with so much passion.Within that observation, there was no doubt, if Taj in the future would put together an album of songs, that such an album would stand alone, out in the music world. Well here it is ''What Colour Is Your Raindrop'' and the album is breathtaking. I'm totally thrilled in what i have heard. He has put together such a beautiful mix of Indian essence, with a blend of western influence. If this is Taj's first album, i'll be looking forward to his next.

Gibson guitars : It’s a rare musician who’s willing to take a step back from a flourishing career to introspect and change direction. It takes an artist devoted to his craft to dedicate himself to exploring the new and uncharted territories of sound. Kolkata-based guitar player, composer and instructor Tajdar Junaid is that sort of artist.



Amyt Datta, Guitar Maestro : I've known Taj for many years. He has always been a delicate, sensitive and tasteful musician, whether he is playing, singing or producing. I hear his work as "beautiful music".

Rudy Wallang from Soulmate : My friend Taj is one of the mellowest, most chilled human beings you will ever come across on this planet. He is also as passionate about food as he is about his music and after listening to the songs from his debut offering "What Color Is Your Raindrop", i can say that each and every song here are representative of the kind of human being he is. It's a beautiful album me, more like a painting which you can hear and feel and be inside of Taj's world.

He has also been a part of award winning soundtracks for films by Anurag Kashyap productions, Aparna Sen, Rituparno Ghosh. Along with scoring music for theatre, dance, docu, tv, Taj is also an active guitar instructor conducting workshops and classes.

Past collaborations/performances include Amyt DattaBlackstratblues, NZ songwriter Greg Johnson, Karsh Kale, folk singer Moushumi Bhowmik, Fred White from Acoustic AlchemyAnusheh Anadil.


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